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Now that the gray/black snow is starting to melt away from our Minneapolis sidewalks, I am beginning to get more and more excited for Spring in the city. Warmer weather means we are that much closer to drinking rose on patios, being able to eat dinner while it’s still light out, and more seasonal, fresh ingredients in our meals. Below is a comprehensive list (in no particular order) of places to dine in the Spring.

Grand Café

If I had to design a restaurant that perfectly represents all things happy, lovely, and Spring, it’d be Grand Café. The inside is decorated with pale pinks, lush greens, antique coupe glasses, and mismatched china plates. They have wide and tall windows so you can eat your cheeseburger and champagne basking in sunlight.

Birchwood Café

Birchwood Café’s food is made from scratch using minimally processed foods sourced from farmers. Their ingredients are local, fresh, and seasonal which makes it the perfect place to eat in the Spring (they actually operate under 8 seasons, driven by the farmer’s freshest ingredients that time of year.) They are currently offering a “Thaw” menu, which features menu items with ingredients such as oranges, carrots, apples, fennel, and fresh kale.

Rose Street Patisserie

I go to Rose Street every time of year, because it’s versatile like that. However, once the weather starts to get nice, Rose Street has the sunniest patio perfect for relaxing with coffee and a quiche. Once the Linden Hills farmer’s market opens, my routine is to stroll the market for fresh fruits and veggies to bring home and then head to Rose Street for coffee and a late breakfast with friends.

Pizzeria Lola

Is there anything better than sitting in the sun eating pizza and cold beer? Pizzeria Lola is my favorite pizza place in the Twin Cities and I especially love to sit on their patio. They now take reservations so you don’t have to wait to eat the My Sha-Roni (my favorite pizza). They also offer seasonal starters with fresh ingredients. My favorite last Spring/early Summer was the “farmers market salad” loaded with fresh veggies and flavors.


Barbette’s patio is one of my favorites. The colorful picnic tables are nestled right on the sidewalk in the heart of Uptown, and the rose is always flowing. I know this is where I’ll be as soon as we get a sunny Saturday afternoon. It’s the perfect spot for drinking rose with mussels and fries (if you haven’t had Barbette’s fries, you’re missing out.)

Butcher and the Boar Beer Garden

Butcher and the Boar has a year-round, covered and heated beer garden located behind the restaurant. They have a solid draft list and offer a beer, a shot, and a hot dog for $12. The beer garden is perfect for early Spring when it’s still too cold to be outside because it’s heated and still lets in lots of sunlight. Doggies are welcome, too!



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