Pizzeria Lola - Madison in MPLS

Pizzeria Lola $$

A pizzeria with a twist, serving creative dishes with lots of flavor.

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Pizzeria Lola

South Minneapolis

My oh my I don't have enough time to explain to you my thoughts on Lola. It has a special place in my heart, almost as special as the place Broder's holds. I've spent many nights in the packed restaurant, talking loudly over the crowds of pizza lovers, drinking local craft beers, and eating amazing pizza. Owner Ann Kim knows pizza. She also owns Hello Pizza and the new-ish Young Joni, both serving amazing pizzas and small plates. Lola has the best everything: best Brussel spouts, best salads, and obviously pizzas. If you walk in, there most likely will ALWAYS be a wait, but I encourage you to put your name in, grab a beer from the bar, sit on the patio, and wait. You won't be disappointed. Oh, and while you wait, take your picture in the photo booth and hang it on their epic photo wall towards the back.