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Gorgeous French restaurant by Jamie Malone.

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Grand Cafe


It took me awhile to write my review of Grand Café because I couldn't come up with the words to describe how incredible this place is. Everything about it. The interior design and furniture, the mismatched antique dishes and silverware, the gorgeous coupe glasses for champagne, the food, oh my the food. They are open for brunch and dinner and everything I've tried (and I've tried too many dishes as a part of one meal to admit) was perfect. Go here with a date and splurge on seafood and yummy wine. Go here with your girlfriends and eat cheeseburgers with champagne. Go here by yourself and sit by the window and read a book at brunch time. You won't regret it. COVID Update: Grand Cafe has pivoted to offer a 3-course chicken dinner on Thursdays, a 5-course dinner on Friday and Saturdays, and a "build a box" concept where you can pick and choose food, flowers, art supplies, wine palate trainers, and more to bring home with you. They've done a wonderful job pivoting during this difficult time, and I highly recommend you support them if you're able!


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