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This week I’m featured on April Seifert’s podcast, Women Inspired! April and I chat about my passion for the Twin Cities dining scene and the launch of my website. I’m honored to be interviewed for a podcast that features badass women who are following their passions to do incredible things. According to April’s bio on her website, she is “a fierce advocate for women and the inherent strength we possess. I know we are all capable of massive action and massive achievement; sometimes we just need someone to throw a little gas on our fire and show us what’s possible!” It was great getting to know April throughout this process, and I admire her and her work. I urge you to listen to her podcast episodes… you’ll be inspired by the stories of strength, grace, and determination of the women she interviews.

It was a great experience for me to step back and reflect on the passion I have developed over the past couple years. What started for me as just an Instagram that only family and friends followed, has become an avenue for me to meet wonderful people who are a part of the restaurant scene in Minneapolis (chefs, Instagrammers, social media managers, PR firms, etc.)

You can listen to my podcast online here.

You also can search “April Seifert” in your podcast app or follow the link here.



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