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Trendy pizza joint serving a plethora of Korean items and craft cocktails.

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Young Joni


If you know anything about food in the Twin Cities, you've heard of Young Joni. It was picked as a Top Restaurant in America Right Now by Eater, and was recently featured in a great article by GQ. I actually don't order pizza when I come here, which almost every other table around me does. Don't get me wrong, the pizza is incredible, and I've tried it several times. However, the real shining stars of the menu are the Korean-inspired, mod podge of dishes. People ask me what to order when they go, and I usually start to list so many things that they might as well close their eyes and point to something on the menu and know it will blow them away. The cauliflower with raisins and a yogurt sauce. The celery, endive, and apple salad, smothered in homemade blue cheese dressing. The beef short ribs. The Thai sausage skewers that are basically the best version of a lettuce wrap you've ever had in your life. Hungry yet? I thought so. Go to Young Joni. But make sure to plan ahead (like two months in advance ahead) unless you want to wait 2+ hours for a walk-in. Hey, go to Young Joni's Back Bar for cocktails while you wait.