Kaiseki Furukawa - Madison in MPLS

Kaiseki Furukawa $$$

Upscale Japanese tasting experience in the upstairs floor of Kado No Mise.

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Kaiseki Furukawa

North Loop/Warehouse

Kaiseki Furukawa is a restaurant in the same building as Kado No Mise that offers a $125 tasting experience with ten courses of Japanese food. Founding chef Shigeyuki Furukawa was born in Japan and has worked as a chef in Tokyo and Kyoto. I had a difficult time writing this review because I appreciate and value the passion and skill that Chef Furukawa brings to the restaurant and the Minneapolis dining scene as a whole. Every course is carefully planned, beautifully explained by the staff, and meticulously prepared. I know there are several - perhaps those who are much more well versed in Japanese foods - who would enjoy every single second of the tasting experience. I, however, had a hard time with a lot of the dishes given the uniqueness and foreignness of some of the ingredients and components of the meal. I am the farthest thing from a picky eater - and I tried at least a bite of absolutely everything that was prepared for us - but I cannot say I enjoyed the food. For those who know me, I strive to provide reviews for every type of restaurant. Places like Alinea and other Michelin starred restaurants are high on my best dining experiences list. But I also write 5-star reviews for authentic taquerias and food trucks. Hey - I love and eat Culver's butter burgers frequently and I'm not ashamed to admit it! I wanted to be honest in this review so others are aware of the food and experience before spending the money to go. My 2-star rating has nothing to do with the quality of the food, it just was not the experience for me.