St. Genevieve - Madison in MPLS

St. Genevieve $$$

Sunny, chic bistro famous for its champagne and French classics.

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St. Genevieve

South Minneapolis

St. Genevieve has tall windows letting in lots of sunlight, tiled floor with a gorgeous bar, and always seems to be filled with attractive humans sipping champagne. It's definitely not cheap, but the place is great for a date or a dinner when your parents are in town (and are paying!) I have been here for brunch as well and their beignets are phenomenal. Several burger-fanatics have called S.G.'s burger one of their favorites, but the sauce/too many onions threw me off a bit. This is definitely not a place you come hungover in sweats on a Saturday afternoon, it's a place you come when you're in the mood to feel like you're sitting in a Parisian cafe sipping champagne.