Al's Breakfast - Madison in MPLS

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Small, narrow breakfast spot serving classic American dishes.

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Al’s Breakfast


I'm sure I will get backlash for rating Al's Breakfast at 2 stars, but I have to say, I don't get the hype around the place. It's been featured on Food Network, and the Yelp ratings are amazing. I think the idea of this place (~12 seats in a tiny restaurant, sitting elbow to elbow with the friendly stranger next to you) is what excites people. But I've always had to wait outside in the freezing cold for at least 30 minutes before getting a seat, just to be served breakfast my dad could cook at home just as well. The waiters are solely focused on getting people in and out of there, which leads to a rushed, non-relaxing breakfast experience. I'll stick to my coffee and toast at home instead.