Minneapolis Martini Guide

There are foods / drinks that took me awhile to acquire a taste. Examples include anchovies in my pasta sauces, oysters, blue cheese (although this didn’t take me long and can now eat the stinkiest blue cheese plain as a snack), and vodka martinis. I went through a phase where I tried to be more […]

New York

Now before everyone reading this gets their panties in a bunch and sends me messages about all the places I’ve missed in the great city of New York City – I know.

My Favorite Twin Cities Cocktail Spots

I’m not picky when it comes to drink of choice. I love a day filled with breweries in the Northeast (HeadFlyer is my current favorite) and I love going to wine bars with live music (hello, Troubadour.) But sometimes you’re just in the mood for a properly made cocktail. Here are my favorite spots in the Twin Cities to get exactly that.