Tavola - Madison in MPLS

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Italian restaurant located inside the Elliot Park Hotel.

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Tavola is a newly opened restaurant inside the Elliot Park Hotel near downtown Minneapolis. The problem with this area of town is that there are hardly any solid restaurants, so Tavola fills a gap for quality Italian food in a chic space. I've been once (and you all should know by now I give each place I go 3 chances before writing it off), but when I went the service was pretty slow. We waited about 30 minutes after asking for our check and we were 1 of 3 parties in the restaurant. The food was done correctly - with quality ingredients and perfectly cooked pizza and pasta. However, there are Italian options in the Twin Cities that have a more rustic and homey feel to them. This place is more on the upscale side when it comes to Italian places, but it is a good option to go before an event at U.S. Bank Stadium.