Mucci's Italian (Uptown) - Madison in MPLS

Mucci’s Italian (Uptown) $$

Mucci’s second location, located in Uptown.

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Mucci’s Italian (Uptown)


Mucci's opened quietly in Uptown recently, establishing a second location after their original St. Paul location. As many are aware, this location previously housed Meyvn, a Jewish-style deli, owned by some of the same folks opening up Mucci's. Mucci's is an Italian restaurant through and through, serving pizzas, big bowls of pasta, and several other Italian dishes like burrata, calamari, and prosciutto. Everything we have eaten at Mucci's has been incredible. The food has no frills, doesn't have any ingredients you can't pronounce, and tastes like it was made with love. The restaurant does table service and has red leather booths with large plants and greenery over head.