P.S. Steak - Madison in MPLS

P.S. Steak $$$

Upscale and swanky steakhouse with incredible steaks and sides.

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P.S. Steak


The highly anticipated P.S. Steak opened in the beginning of January 2019 and has been bustling ever since then. Chef Mike DeCamp (formerly at La Belle Vie) has curated a menu that is sophisticated, classic with touches of swankiness, and well-rounded. They offer a variety of steaks (I ordered the flat iron for $39, it changed my life) alongside other entrees like scallops, salmon, pork, and chicken. They have delicious starters including "Bacon," which is a massive piece of bacon, lettuce, and tomato for $21. The inside of the restaurant takes you to another place completely; it's the type of place in which you will lose track of time as you say yes to another bottle of wine or an after dinner Old Fashioned. Don't sleep on their lounge - they have a different menu that includes the famous La Belle Vie Lamb Burgers.