Hai Hai - Madison in MPLS

Hai Hai $$$

Modern Vietnamese street food and tropical cocktails served in a funky, casual spot.

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Hai Hai


I first tried a sample of Hai Hai the summer of 2017 at an Hola Arepa block party. I was really excited for the opening and made sure I went during their opening week. The first time I went was fabulous, mostly because the star dish was their egg rolls with basil and yummy dipping sauce. Their cocktails are also fantastic and very tropical. The inside of the restaurant is absolutely gorgeous... you feel like you've been transported somewhere tropical even though it's -10 degrees outside. However, the second time I went my experience wasn't as great. It bums be out when restaurants have big inconsistencies in food/service from time to time. They took the egg rolls off the menu for good and the other dishes we got fell flat (crispy rice salad, beef grilled in betel leaf.) I kept the rating a 3 because I think the cocktails and patio make up for what the food lacks. The inconsistency does make it harder for me to recommend this place highly to others! I went back twice more, for dinner again and for brunch. The dishes were hit or miss once again for me (the pho corned beef Benedict was great, the fried chicken and biscuit was not.) The cocktails are stellar and all around the $10 price range, which is on par with other good restaurants in Northeast. I recommend Hai Hai for drinks and a couple shared plates before heading somewhere else for dinner (like Young Joni.)