Pho 79 - Madison in MPLS

Pho 79 $

No frills Vietnamese restaurant serving large, steaming bowls of pho.

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Pho 79

Eat Street

So when you first go here on my suggestion, and you walk in for the first time, don't disregard me as a reliable restaurant recommender until you try the food. Yes, the restaurant feels almost like a Vietnamese Burger King, with unwashed floors and really unmotivated service. But you can get a massive, and I mean massive, bowl of pho for cheap with all the fixings and sauces. There is nothing better than pho on a freezing Minneapolis night (well, maybe ramen, depending on my mood.) I know there's this massive battle over what the best place for pho is in the Twin Cities (you should have seen all the nasty Instagram messages I got after posting Pho 79 with the caption "best pho around town.") But Pho 79 and Quang's are a close tie for me. Go to both and let me know what you think.