Lyn 65 (Richfield) - Madison in MPLS

Lyn 65 (Richfield) $$

Casual American eatery with an impressive cocktail program and delicious brunch and dinner food.

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Lyn 65 (Richfield)


Lyn 65 is a solid restaurant that has a Minneapolis address, but is actually located closer to Richfield. However, it's worth the drive. Almost always packed, Lyn 65 serves up American food with quirky twists like breakfast ramen, duck fat french fries, and complimentary soft serve after your meal. The staff is friendly, and the bar program is much cooler/trendier than you'd expect. The atmosphere is a little dark, as the only sunlight in the place comes from the windows at the very front of the restaurant. Lyn 65 is a place I want to park myself for hours with a group of friends, drinking mimosas and gradually moving onto Amaro.