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Newly revamped restaurant by Jamie Malone.

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REWRITTEN 2/19/19: Eastside used to be rated 2/5 stars on my website. And that's because I found it average. But I have good news - it's not average anymore. In fact, it's WAY above average and I can't wait to tell everyone about it. For those who aren't aware, Chef Jamie Malone (who also gets all the credit for revamping Grand Cafe into the gorgeous, fabulous spot it is today) took over Eastside towards the end of 2018. This news piqued my intersted, mostly because I had been to Eastside 3 times before (my rule for restaurants I rate a 2 or 1 on my website is to visit them 3 times before settling on my below average opinion on the place.) Eastside had the reputation pre-Jamie of being expensive, empty, and average. I got a group of girls together one Saturday this winter to check out the so called new-and-improved Eastside, and I have to say it was one of the top 5 dining experiences I've had in the past year, right up there with the buttery steak I had at P.S. Steak and the incredible wine and meal I had at Bardo last Spring. We ordered several dishes to share along with the large format cocktail that comes in a swan... because how can you see a cocktail in a swan on a menu and NOT order it? The service was great and had creative little touches that are right in line with Chef Jamie's style (mismatched plates and serving platters, unique wall art, and a kitchy-in-a-good-way social media presence). My favorite dishes were the cauliflower with apples, the pork snitzel (best I've ever had including in Austria where it originated), and the short rib dish. Go here, and go here soon.


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