The Dough Room (Wayzata) (PERMANENTLY CLOSED) - Madison in MPLS

The Dough Room (Wayzata) (PERMANENTLY CLOSED) $$$

Wayzata pasta restaurant by Alex Dayton.

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The Dough Room (Wayzata) (PERMANENTLY CLOSED)


The Dough Room is led by Chef Alex Dayton (previously at The Kenwood, Butcher & the Boar, and Borough.) All of the pasta at The Dough Room are made in house, and I enjoyed all of the ones I tried (the agnolotti and Raviolini were my favorites of the bunch.) The downside for me was the atmosphere. The restaurant is massive, with a large amount of seating in the bar area and several more tables near the kitchen. I like expensive, special occassion restaurants to have sexy mood lighting with lots of candles (think Alma, Burch, 112 Eatery), and the Dough Room was not that. I got the feeling that The Dough Room has an identity crisis on their hands. Do they want to be an airy, more casual pasta spot (think Broder's) with wooden benches and a good happy hour? A place that's perfect for flip-flop wearing patrons to roll into after a day on the boat? Or does The Dough Room want to be known as an upscale pasta restaurant with $12 half portions of pasta (about 10 bites worth of food) and a wine list with a handful of $100 bottles? I don't think they know yet. The potential is there because the food was quite good, but for as it stands today, I left feeling a bit confused.