Ninetwentyfive (Wayzata) - Madison in MPLS

Ninetwentyfive (Wayzata) $$

Restaurant located inside Hotel Landing in downtown Wayzata serving modern Midwestern cuisine.

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Ninetwentyfive (Wayzata)


Ninetwentyfive is located inside Hotel Landing in downtown Wayzata. The restaurant recently revamped their menu to showcase "Modern Midwestern" dishes from chef Daniel Cataldo. Ninetwentyfive employs a knowledgeable sommelier and puts out an extensive and creative wine list, which enhances the dining experience. The restaurant was pretty empty on the Friday evening I went, but this was likely due to all the snow our city accumulated during the day. The food was solid - not at all what you'd expect from a typical hotel restaurant. The ingredients were seasonal and tasted fresh, and I think they showcased "modern Midwestern" accurately and effectively. If you're in the area, I recommend checking them out... even if just for a glass of wine! I'm looking forward to coming back this summer to see what ingredients Chef Cataldo is using then!