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Greek fast-casual restaurant in a clean and airy atmosphere.

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Naughty Greek

St. Paul

This place isn't what you think of when you think of a Greek spot. When I think of a Greek restaurant, I picture a dinky counter service place attached to a gas station. Not Naughty Greek! NG has a beachy vibe, and it's in a great area of St. Paul. They recently opened a second location in St. Paul, that has a larger seating area and the same great menu. The seating space is the Snelling Ave. location is  limited, but the tables seem to rotate through quickly. They serve wine in funky, chic glasses and their Greek salad comes with a massive hunk of feta. I loooved the euro... so fresh with the perfect amount of tzatziki sauce. Definitely a great place to go before a Wild game or concert at Xcel.