Malt Shop - Madison in MPLS

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Classic and timeless restaurant serving burgers, soups, and malts.

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Malt Shop

South Minneapolis

I've been going to the Malt Shop as long as I've been going to Convention Grill (for the burgers.) The malts at Convention Grill don't even come close to the malts at the Malt Shop. I'm a big malt girl, and these are the best in town. Thick, lots of candy pieces, and they serve you the leftovers in the cold tin. One of my guilty pleasures is going to Convention Grill for burger and fries, and then heading over to the Malt Shop for dessert. The place itself feels old, it has that "we've been around for decades" smell to it, but to me, that all adds to the experience. The food is nothing to write home about, so I'd just come for dessert after a walk around Lake Harriet or Sunday after church.