PERMANENTLY CLOSED: Butcher and the Boar

Popular downtown eatery with a meat-heavy menu.

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PERMANENTLY CLOSED: Butcher and the Boar

I have heard differing opinions about Butcher & The Boar. I've heard the "it's so overpriced with decent cuts of meat" as well as the "I had the most unbelievable meal of my entire life and I could eat those ribs forever." My opinion falls somewhere in between those two extremes. The atmosphere is a little too dark and food a tad too expensive for me, but I've enjoyed everything I've tried off the menu. I am a firm believer in giving a restaurant 3 tries until making your mind up about the place. I've been to B&tB 3 times now, and I can say I would continue to go back. It's a place I recommend for client dinners or dinners for a girlfriend to take her meat-loving boyfriend to for his birthday (second after Burch Steak, however.) So why don't you go, try all the things, and then tell me what you think.


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